What is your point of difference?

Each job that comes through to Hire A Tradesman is matched to a specific tradesman.

Each job that we receive is entered into our computer system which allows us to hand pick the tradesman we think is best suited to your job.

For example, we have trades that like smaller jobs and we have trades that like the bigger jobs. We know through the job description you give to us who would suit that particular type of work. We then assign your job to that tradesperson.

Who will contact me?

The tradesman that we assign to your job will contact you within 2 hours where possible.

How do you pick your trades?

We have a thorough system that we have tried and tested which allows us to assess and gauge each tradesperson we speak to.
We decided the best way to assure our clients of getting a good quality tradesman was to invite trades to join us so that they would be accountable to us.

By doing this we can assure our clients that we only use trades we know that have pride in their business, that genuinely care about what they do and want the work.

All the trades we use carry the appropriate insurance.

What areas do you service?

We currently service Victoria but will soon be Australia wide.

The head office is in Melbourne.

What are your contact and head office details?

Head Office:
Hire A Tradesman Pty Ltd – PO Box 530, Elsternwick 3185
ABN: 28 303 176 319

Call: 1300 79 HIRE (4473) or 03 9528 5970
Direct 03 9528 5970
Fax 03 8456 6275
Email: headoffice@hireatradesman.com.au

Do you charge to quote?

No. Most of the time we do not charge for quotes.

If there is a call out charge for a particular job – you will be informed first.

Are you and your tradespeople insured?

Hire A Tradesman Pty Ltd. carries the appropriate Public Liability Insurance and we insist that the tradespeople we use carry the same.

Are you more expensive than going straight to the tradesperson direct?

No. We know that you want to get the best price but also want the job completed well.

All quotes are competitive.

The added value of being able to use a one stop shop for all your trades will be a huge time saver for you. You don’t have to shop around.

There is also the benefit of having trades sent to you that have been tried and tested before.

How will I know if my job request has been received?

If you provide your mobile number we will sms you confirmation that we have received your job.

Who do we receive the quote from and how do we pay?

You will receive the quote direct from the tradesman.

When you are ready to proceed, just let the tradesman know and he will arrange a mutually convenient time to start.

The tradesman will then send you the invoice on completion.

What are your payment terms?

Please discuss payment terms with the tradesman directly.

What if we are not happy with the work completed?

Step 1 – contact the tradesman involved

In the unlikely event that this may happen, we recommend speaking to the tradesman involved to resolve the issue. In most cases it is important they are given the opportunity to rectify any mistakes or issues.

Step 2 – Please talk to us

At Hire A Tradesman, we genuinely want to hear from you, our customers. We want to keep our lines of communication open and hear your suggestions for improvement. If you have something on your mind, share it with us, we welcome the opportunity to fix the situation.
Our staff are here to help you. So if you have a concern or complaint, please talk to our staff between, 9am – 5pm (EST) 5 days a week and we will try and sort out any problem you may have

Call: (03) 9528 5970
Write to: Hire A Tradesman – PO Box 530, Elsternwick 3185
Email: headoffice@hireatradesman.com.au
Fax: (03) 8456 6275

Can you supply more than one quote?

If you require it we can provide more than one quote.

Can you provide any testimonials from the clients you have worked for?

Yes. Please refer to the testimonials page.

Can you buy a Hire A Tradesman franchise?

Please refer to the franchise page and fill out the for to submit your interest.

How can we contact you or send you a job request?

There are several ways for you to do this:

  • You can call us 1300 79 HIRE (4473)
  • You can email your maintenance request to us info@hireatradesman.com.au
  • You can fax your maintenance request direct to us on: 03 8456 6275
  • You can choose the trade you need on this website and fill in the contact form below
What if you do not have a "preferred" tradesman that you can recommend in my area?

If we cannot recommend one of our “preferred” trades in your area, we will do one of 2 things:

  • speak to some of our other trades in that area and ask them if they can recommend someone to help. We will then let you know
  • Advise you that we are unable to send you a “preferred” tradesman– and thank you for your enquiry. We don’t want to lose your business but we also don’t want to ruin our reputation by sending you an unknown tradesman
Does it cost me to use your service?

No it does not cost you to use our service.

We do ask our trades to include a 10% referral fee that is payable to Hire A Tradesman on completion of a job. Our trades reduce their quotes by 10% to allow for this referral fee when quoting.

talk to us

At Hire A Tradesman, we want to hear from you. We want to keep our lines of communication open and hear your suggestions for improvement. If you have something on your mind, share it with us.

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