There are a few main areas of the bathroom that inevitably need to be checked out over the years, whether for a home renovation or repair. Here’s our bathroom safety list that will help keep your running smoothly.

Tiles: Over time, tiles might crack, become scratched or come loose from their seal. Fast response can save major repairs as damaged tiles will let water into your framework.

While you have your broken tiles fixed, consider having the experienced tiler clean and re-grout the entire bathroom. It’s an instant facelift and you’ll love the results. Plus it adds extra protection against further water leaks

Electrics: If your exhaust fan isn’t operating at full capacity, water residue in the air could be damaging your bathroom appliances, light fittings or even rotting your wooden cabinetry. If you suspect things aren’t working the way they should, get a qualified, professional electrician in to take a closer look and do whatever repairs need to be done.

Glass: Most glass issues are going to be immediately evident; very few people can look past a broken pane of glass without realising. With the bare feet that are in and out of the bathroom, get a professional glazier in to complete glass repairs and clean the area for any stray shards of glass.

The lesson in all of this advice? Keep your eye on little things before they become bigger issues…and keep your trusted tradies on speed dial. You’ll never know when you need them.

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